Substitute for Almond Butter in Baking

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Substitute for almond butter in smoothie can be the right option if you want to have different taste or recipe. Almond butter is the soft and spreadable paste that is made from grounded almond. Almond butter is such kind of good source of saturated fats and fibers and also rich of vitamin E that is known to postpone anti-aging process. Besides can be used for sandwich or toast, it can be used for smoothie.

Even though almond is good for health, there will be some of you that have sensitivity in some source of food. In this case, you do not need to worry because there are some alternatives you can choose to substitute almond butter with some other ingredients. Even though the taste might be different, it is still good option to be considered for they still contain some vitamin and fiber.

What to Do to Substitute Almond Butter in Baking?

1. Go with Peanut Butter

The first alternative to substitute almond butter is by going with peanut butter. Besides having the similar texture to almond butter, peanut butter is the same good source of unsaturated fats. It can help uplifting your heart health.

Even though peanut butter supplies less unsaturated fats than almond butter, it is an appropriate option to take peanut butter as the replacement of almond butter. Spreading peanut butter on your baked cake is such a great idea since both peanut and almond have the same healthy substance for the body.

2. Spread out the Sunflower Seed Butter

The second alternative of almond butter substitution is Sunflower seed butter. This butter is often used for changing tree nut butter or peanut butter mostly for they who have allergic to peanut. Sunflower seed butter contains of 3.66 milligrams of vitamin E and contains more monounsaturated fats than almond butter.

However, it is little more than 50 of the number daily need of adults. Sunflower seed butter supplies more folates even though it does not contain more fiber like almond butter. However, you can replace almond butter with sunflower seed butter to be spread on a toasted bread or zucchini bread.

3. Get the Cashew Butter

The last option of replacing almond butter in baking is by adding cashew butter. It is another nutritious source of food that is either good for heart health. Cashew butter contains less of unsaturated fats and vitamin E and fiber than almond butter. However, cashew butter has vitamin K which almond butter does not.

From all the strength and weaknesses from cashew butter, it is still good option to be the replacement of almond butter. For you who love baking, cashew butter can pair well with all baked goods and also can be spread on crackers result tasty crackers.

Almond butter substitute in baking may be done because you want to have different taste or you have allergic to almond butter. However, by changing almond butter, you still can have the same tasty baked goods or food with some alternative butter such as sunflower butter, peanut butter and cashew butter.