5 Kinds of Essential Oils for Neuropathy Pain That Works

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Neuropathy is a pain because of the damage to the nerves in the body, especially the spine or the brain.  People who feel the neuropathy pain usually feeling pins and needles in the hand and feet, and then spread throughout the body with extreme pain in the beginning.

The cause of neuropathy is varied, such as diabetes, less amount of B12 vitamins in the body, alcohol, tumors, chemical exposures, or the pain killer’s side effect.

There are several symptoms to understand the feeling of neuropathy in your body. When you feel tingling in your hands or feet, sensitive when being touched, change the color of hair and skins, hard to digest food, weakened muscle or sexual dysfunction to men are several examples of neuropathy pain symptoms. You could relieve the neuropathy pain by reducing the source of problems, but it will take a lot of effort and time.

Fortunately, you could use several essential oils for neuropathy pain. It is a remedy for those who have neuropathy pain, which could help to minimize the discomfort caused by neuropathy pain. In this article, there will be a review about 5 kinds of essential oils for neuropathy pain that works well for you. Check it out!

1. Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress essential oil could help you relieve the blood circulation, making the blood easily flow to the body and reduce the feeling of tingling and numb across the body. Cypress essential oil has the scent of spicy made from the needle and twigs of a cypress tree.

Moreover, Cypress essential oil is useful for respiration systems, functionalize the liver to be more healthy and minimizing the excessive flow of blood to out from the body.

2. Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum essential oil has the ingredients that could help to heal the nerves and also relieving the pain on the muscle. Helichrysum essential oil is recommended by several medical experts due to its powerful effect.

Helichrysum essential oil also already been certified by the Therapeutic Essential Oil and recommended to be used as the essential oils for neuropathy pain.

3. Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram Essential Oil has the feeling of woodsy and spicy that makes its user feel calm and warm due to its effect. Marjoram essential oil help to soothe the tensed muscle and very beneficial for those who have tension in their nerves. Marjoram essential oil also could relieve the cramps and the pain in the muscle due to its antispasmodic effects.

4. Tansy Essential Oil

Tansy Essential oil has the ingredients such as analgesic that could relieve pain and anti-itching. Those ingredients are extracted from herbs from European that being taken its nutrients by steam distillation.

Originally, Tansy is a poisonous herb, so it has to be carefully extracted in order to get the right nutrients, such as the antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antihistamine. The price of Tansy essential oil could be a little expensive, but with the effect of it, the cost will not be a problem.

5. Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild Orange essential oil, specialized essential oils for neuropathy pain made by doing TERRA, is made by the cold-pressed orange skin and makes its user feel energized from its smell.

Wild orange essential oil not only offers help to relieve the pain of neuropathy pain but also as an aromatherapy to relieve the stress and calmed the soul.

That is the 5 kinds of essential oils for neuropathy pain that works well for you to relieve your neuropathy pain. If you still have no other traditional methods, just browse the internet and buy one of the essential oils above. All of the 5 essential oils for neuropathy pain are recommended for you. Cheers!

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