Coconut Essential Oil: Does Coconut Oil Help Psoriasis to be Cured?

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It is really hard to treat and cure psoriasis, especially when psoriasis is spreading to your head. At least 50% of the people suffer psoriasis symptoms on the scalp, said the Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance. To heal or minimize psoriasis on the scalp condition, it all depends on how you treat your condition.

Nowadays, the most popular and fast ways to heal psoriasis is by using essential oil, and the best essential oils for psoriasis is coconut essential oil. By conducting psoriasis treatment coconut oil, it might build a little hope to you, but does coconut oil help psoriasis to be cured? Some people said that it might help you rather that go to the doctor, but some also said that coconut essential oil should not replace the treatment by the doctor.

What is psoriasis actually? Some people often said that psoriasis is seborrheic dermatitis, but it is actually a different condition. Psoriasis is shown with red or silver scales because of overrated skin cell. The scale might feel itchy like the condition of dermatitis, but this scale could make your skin feel like being burned.

Psoriasis might begin at the one side of the skin and suddenly will spread to the other parts of your body and head. This could be dangerous since the head is the most fragile yet hard to be cured area.

Psoriasis usually cured by using shampoo with salicylic acid as the ingredients or topical steroid and retinoid, but the effect will different. It might last for a week or even for a month. However, you can use coconut essential oil to cure psoriasis, but does coconut oil help psoriasis? Let us take a closer look at coconut essential oil before finding out the answers.

Coconut essential oil is made from coconut kernels that already been pressed out. Coconut essential oil main ingredient is lauric acid, which could treat inflammation, fungus, viruses and harmful microbes. It is known and searched by people as the alternative to vegetable oil. Coconut oils also used as skin moisturizer and topical treatment for those who have psoriasis condition.

The most beneficial effect of coconut oil when topically used is that it is able to moisturize the scales from psoriasis.It has the possibilities of bringing hope to people who feel itchy in their skin due to psoriasis. Raw coconut oil might not enough to cure psoriasis, but if you combine it with a thick cream and spread it to the scales; it might have a chance to remove the scales of psoriasis.

Furthermore, to treat your psoriasis condition using coconut oil, the best times to do it is applying the cream mixed with coconut oil after taking a bath, which is a good time because the skin is effective in trapping some substance after bathing. Then, leave it for about half and hour to feel its effect. To increase the possibilities of healing psoriasis, you can wrap a towel that is warm around your head.

You can wash it in a hot sink, put it in a microwave or use a hot water to warm up your towel, but it is actually your choice to warm it up. Next, when you clean your coconut essential oil from your head, do a little massage to your scales on the head gently. If you roughly in massage your head, you might cause some irritation to the skin. Then, comb through your hair to remove the scales in your head.

So, to answer the question ‘does coconut oil help psoriasis?’ the answer is yes. Coconut oil could help treating psoriasis if you use it correctly and mixed it correctly. Hopefully, this article could help you in finding the way to treat psoriasis. Good luck!

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