Essential Oils For Bruises And Swelling to Heal Faster

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Essential oils for swelling from injury is known as one of the most natural ways to heal your injuries. Bruises are indications that the tissue beneath your skin are damaged, and essential oils are effective to help the healing of your damaged tissue. Bruises leave blue, purple, or blackish discolorations on the skin after you get injured or getting a pain, and they will fade to yellow/brown before your tissue completely healed.

Essential oils help to speed up the healing process of your bruises and swelling. There are some essential oils you can use to encourage a fast recovery of your injuries.

Essential Oils You Can Use For Fast Injury Recovery

Here are the list of essential oils you can apply to your bruises and swelling to heal them faster:

1. Lavender

Lavender essential oil is well-known as the top selling essential oil. It is one of essential oils that provide more health applications and medicinal properties, and famous as the gentlest acting because it most unlikely to cause any side effect or negative reaction. Lavender essential oil is also perfectly safe for your children, so all of your family members can use it without having to worry anything.

2. Cypress

Cypress essential oil is not as famous as lavender, but it also has a staggering number of various medicinal applications. This essential oil is often used on the skin to heal minor wounds, and it can relieve varicose veins, eliminate stretch marks and cellulite. Cypress essential oil can effectively stimulate the blood flow and prevent it from pooling. It’s perfect to prevent bruising and eliminate their appearance.

3. Helichrysum

This essential oil is also popular and respected for its many skin appplications. Although it’s quite expensive, helichrysum essential oil is still a very popular natural treatment for the skin. Helichrysum can be combined with a suitable carrier oil to help sun damage, scaring and abrasions. You can also apply it to your skin to reduce the appearance of bruises and other blemishes.

4. Lemongrass

If you get a nasty bump or blow to your skin, lemongrass essential oil can help alleviate the pain. It’s warming and help soothe achy muscles and reduce swelling. If you need a little bit of pain relief, apply the essential oil with a carrier oil. Lemongrass essential oil also help to heal your damaged tissue, and speed up the process.

5. Geranium

This essential oil provides benefits for the healing process as it helps repair damaged tissue. Geranium is popular for many skin issues, starting from reducing wrinkles to fighting infection. You can also use geranium essential oil to help treat and eliminate the nasty appearance of unsightly bruises and blemishes.

So, there are many essential oils you can use to help the healing of your bruises and swelling, and the answer to the question of what essential oil is good for bruises is very clear. There’s no need to question the effectivity of essential oil for your bruises anymore. All you need to do when you’re having bruises and swelling on your skin is to apply one of the essential oils mentioned above to your skin.