Essential Oils For Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

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Essential oils for menopause are important since it is not easy to fight for hot flashes and night sweats that follow female system. Before a woman entering her last menstrual cycle in two or three years ahead, hot flashes are the common problem. It will last for a half year or 15 years or so years depend on the severity. Based on the scientific data, it is about 85% will get some level of hot flashes as they are getting closer to their menopausal stage.

Ayuverda explained that the heat in the stage is the sign about the transition point for hot and fiery ‘pitta’ phase. As a result, hot flashes and night sweats come out as the mark of imbalance for the heat energies and the accumulation of toxins inside your body, in deeper tissues and channels.

It is why if you want to treat hot flashes, it means you have to find the way how to balance the internal fiery qualities and how to clean the accumulated toxins inside your body.

Best Essential Oils and Oil Blends For Hot Flashes And Night Sweats

1. Clary sage

It works to balance hormones especially those connected to women’s bodies. It relieves symptoms of PMS, lowering the risk of menstrual cramps and decreasing the intensity as well as the frequency of hot flashes and night sweats. Clary sage is also helpful to improve digestion, lower blood pressure, inspire mental clarity, sedates and relaxes to avoid insomnia. It can regulate female hormones which can be beneficial to improve your mental strength, dealing with low moods, reduce bloating and prevent depression.

2. Geranium

You can put geranium into your organic gluten free gift baskets that you want to give to someone you care about. Geranium gives calming heart mending oil. It can revitalize and detoxify body through enhancing elimination of toxins and improving digestion. Geranium oil is also a powerful regulator you can use for hormone secretions. It is also a perfect oil to treat symptoms associated to menopause and PMS. It can reduce anxiety, irritation and anger, mood swings and others.

3. Lemon

For body and mind, lemon gives refreshing effect. It is a best tonic you can use for soothing indigestion, relieving constipation and improving nutrient absorption. You can use lemon to cleanse your body, provide energy and refresh your body system.

4. Sage

It can be your next option. It is like a clary sage, but it is only the other type of sage. It is also called as dalmation sage. Sage can be used as a helpful tonic to deal with hot flashes. It doesn’t come with any sweetness and it has peppermint flavor.

Current studies discovered that sage is beneficial to reduce the frequency and the intensity of hot flashes and night sweats. The estrogenic compounds in it can balance hormones and limit the hormonal occurrences which lead to excess heat in your body.

5. Cypress

It is detoxifying oil you can use to reduce cellulite and limit the fluid retention. It helps a lot to build hormonal and emotional balance by providing soothing effects to body system, restore calm and decrease emotions that lead to unbalanced system. It is why a good solution for menopausal symptoms treatments including hot flashes.

It is possible for you to add one of those oils inside your gluten free gift basket ideas and then share it to the person you are care about to help her soothe her feeling and mood.