Essential Oils for Sebaceous Cysts

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Lavender oil sebaceous cyst is known as one of essential oils that can effectively treat sebaceous cyst. The certified aroma therapist Amy “Durga” Finnegan said that a cyst can be formed if a duct underneath the skin is blocked with such waste substances. One of the common cysts among people is sebaceous cyst. It typically occurs on the neck, face and back.

Even though the lump of sebaceous cyst is not dangerous and causes no pain, when it is infected, you will notice any swelling, soreness, redness and weeping and absolutely it makes you feel uncomfortable. However, natural home remedies such as oil can be taken and may be useful to help you in removing the cysts.

List of Some Remarkable Oils to Remove Sebaceous Cyst:

1. Bergamont Oil

This essential oil has a boost citrusy scent. Based on the Aromatherapy Guide to Essential Oils, Bergamont oil can be useful not only for cysts and acne but also some types of skin problems. It consists of antifungal and antiseptic that might help in fighting localizing infections that relates to skin problems. Since Bergamont oil can increase the sensitivity to the light, you have to avoid it if you are pregnant or having epilepsy.

 2. German Chamomile

Everybody must be familiar with chamomile oil. Can be called Matricaia recutita, this oil has soothing scent that good for inflamed skin. Recommended by Aromatherapy Guide to Essential Oils, chamomile oil is good for treating inflammation, allergies, boils, abscesses and also cysts. While the practice of Aromatherapy states that Chamomile has azulene in it. Azulene is a substance which is common in many commercial cosmetics and may consist of inflammation-fighting substance.

 3. Lavender

Lavender oil sebaceous cyst has the same useful for treating sebaceous cyst. From all essential oils, it may be the most versatile essential oil which is suitable for antifungal and antiseptic to fight an inflamed or infected cyst. Besides, lavender is also known as soothe and calming the nervous system. As it is safe and appropriate for all types of skin, it can be use even for children.

 4. Tea Tree

This essential oil comes from Australian tea tree. According to the Aromatherapy Guide to Essential Oils, tea tree oil is good for acne and abrasions abscesses. It may contain some substances to fight for fungal, bacterial and also viral infection. For it is safe, it can be used both adults and children.

For treating sebaceous cyst, you can apply warm compress infused mixed with chamomile, bergamont, lavender and also tea tree. Mix 5-8 drops of essential oil into two cups of warm water. Use clean cloth to apply it on your cyst. Since this treatment has not been proven in clinical trials, you may want to test your sensitivity of skin and wait for about 4 hours to see any reaction or not.

Overall, Lavender oil sebaceous cyst and other home remedies seem to be alternative choice for some people to cure their disease. Besides it does not take much time, it costs less than going to the doctor.