Does Coconut Oil Help Your Eyelashes Grow Naturally

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How to apply coconut oil to eyelashes? This question has been haunting many people who don’t know about the property of coconut oil for eyelashes. Coconut oil is considered as one of the best and natural ways to grow your eyelashes. It’s not difficult to get one, you can get them from almost any supermarket. You can look for them in the cooking oil section of the store.

Remember, there’s a big difference between natural long eyelashes, and eyelashes that are overdone and fake. Most women want long and thick lashes that gently frame their eyes, and they use mascara or fake eyelashes in the end. However, there’s a problem with using mascara or fake eyelashes. Mascara run over time, and it’s very to remove it if the mascara were long-lasting, which may cause irritations and allergies to people who wear contact lenses. Meanwhile, fake lashes look ridiculous and noticeably fake.

Applying Coconut Oil to Eyelashes

Here are some guides about how to apply coconut oil to eyelashes, so you won’t be mistaken in using coconut oil to make your eyelashes look thicker and bolder:

  1. The best time to use the coconut oil is at your bedtime because it will make your face look a little bit greasy if you use it at the daytime.
  1. Apply it by using a roller ball of a bottle so your eyes won’t be contaminated by touching with your fingers.
  1. Blot your lashes with a dry clean cloth to prevent your eyes from getting too much oil

Several Things To Note To Apply Coconut Oil

  1. Implement the new eyelash routine before you sleep.
  2. Wash your face with coconut soap, then rinse with water and dry with a cloth
  3. Make your that your hands are clean.
  4. Apply the serum in a small amount to your eyelashes.
  5. Wash your face normally and apply makeup in the morning.
  6. Avoid the other eyelashes products, such as mascara or serum while using natural coconut oil.
  7. This serum gives additional benefit to keep your eyes moisturized so you won’t have to apply any other eye cream at bedtime.
  8. Apply serum every night of the week, it’s okay to skip the weekend.
  9. Keep up with the routine. If you want a break, do it in the summer time because your skin may be naturally oily from the heat.

How to apply coconut oil to eyelashes? It’s simple! Just follow the guide above. As an additional information, coconut oil is not only useful for your eyelashes, but it can also be used for every part of your hair and skin. People are starting to use coconut oil to enhance dry, chemically-treated hair. It can be used 15 to 30 minutes before bathing, and then shampooed out.

Coconut oil provides many benefits for people who have eczema on their face. This condition is unpleasant. Starting from small blisters, then it turns itchy and scaly when they’re dried up. Coconut oil can be used from the beginning to shorten the length of time of inflammation, and to keep the unslightly dryness under control. More than that, coconut oil is perfect for a natural skin moisturizer. It smoothens fine lines and wrinkles, and aid the balance of healthy skin.