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Fractionated coconut oil definition still becomes a question to most people. Fractionated coconut oil can be found in the market nowadays. However, not many people know that the product is one of the best coconut oil products.

People have been using coconut oil for their daily cooking needs because coconut oil is well-known as one of the healthiest cooking oils that can be found on the market. However, there are various types of coconut oil, and people are not realizing about it.

About Fractionated Coconut Oil

Do you ever wonder about fractionated oil definition? Before knowing about it further, you have to know the meaning of term fractionate, which refers to something that is a part of the whole object or substance.

Speaking about coconut oil, it means that the oil is a part of the whole oil. Fatty acids in fractionated coconut oil are separated out for other purposes, such as cosmetics, medical uses, or special diets.

Fractionated coconut oil vs extra virgin coconut oil

Organic extra virgin coconut oil is usually included in the diet, and it’s often what is used for cooking. Meanwhile, fractionated coconut oil is a good carrier oil that can be used in conjunction with other oils, such as tea tree, lemon or lavender oil. It can be used for a skin care and other topical therapies, and it can be used for a bug repellant, hair serums and moisturizers.

It means that fractioned coconut oil is not suitable for cooking, but it’s useful for other purposes. Fractionated coconut oil is perfect for dry skin as it absorbs easily and won’t clog the pores. This coconut oil is also perfect for healing rashes as it contains high amount of capric and caprylic acids, and it has antiooxidants.

Where to Buy Fractionated Coconut Oil?

After knowing about the definition and the benefits of the oil, you may start to wonder where you can get one of them. The answer is easy, you can easily buy fractionated coconut oil online in both bulk and by the individual dram bottle. You can also purchase one at the local health food stores around you.

You may find it in craft stores too. Don’t forget to look at the price before you decide to get one because you may get some great deals when you buy in large quantities. It’s okay to purchase larger bottles because fractionated coconut oil lasts longer than the other types of coconut oil.

The article above is written to introduce fractionated coconut oil definition and functions as many people don’t know that fractionated coconut oil is perfectly safe as long as they know what it’s made for. Remember not to use it for cooking, because the oil is made for other purposes.

When you found one in the market, don’t hesitate to buy one as fractionated coconut oil can be used for many things, especially those who want to moisturize their skin or get rid of bugs that run around the house. I hope this article helps you who want to know about fractionated coconut oil but too afraid to ask.