How Long Should You Keep Coconut Oil In Your Hair

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Coconut oil for hair benefits reduces the hair breakage also penetrate hair follicle better compared to mineral oil as the popular ingredient for hair conditioner as well as to nourish hair. It is because coconut oil has fatty acids. Some sources explained that it contains antibacterial properties t fight any infection in hair follicles and fungal infection including ringworm.

How Long To Keep Coconut Oil In Hair Is Depend

When you apply coconut oil in your hair, it is important to note that the length you must keep the coconut oil can be different to others. It depends on the hair type. It is confusing because you may get the same benefits by leaving the hair oil on your hair for one hour or you may have to go overnight to make sure that everything works properly for your hair.

There is no fixed answer.

It depends on your hair type and the reaction of your hair to the oil you use. You can let the oil on your hair for one or two hours before washing it and the result could be fine with wavy straight hair, but others may react something different.

Some may do overnight treatments twice a month and it is not good to do overnight treatments everyday if you have sinusitis that will make you get headache with the result of silkier hair, again others may get different experience.

If you feel no itching, you can try daily or overnight oiling and get the benefits. But if not, it is better for you to get quick oil treatment before every hair wash and then you can do the overnight oiling twice a month. If you have dry and brittle hair, it is not recommended to do very intense night-treatment too often.

Note: Avoid leaving hair oil too long in your hair that will lead to itchy scalp, hair loss and dusts as the sign of allergic reaction if you not cleansed properly. In another word, if your oily scalps are itchy for few days, get a hair wash.

Coconut and lemongrass essential oil for veins

Coconut gives more benefits for more than to support health hair. You can use it to deal with spider veins if you combine it with lemongrass. Coconut and lemongrass essential oil for spider veins help your body to promote good blood circulation, deal with dilate blood vessels and cure spider veins.

To use it, you can use a small roller bottle about 10 ml with fractionated coconut oil and 5 to 10 drops of lemongrass essential oil. Shake for a minute and apply to your varicose vein twice a day.

Lemongrass oil for varicose veins is popular with the astringent properties to control oily skin which is why lemongrass oil is also used for hair to give excellent result. It also contains rubafacient properties to promote proper blood circulation as well as tightening the vein walls.

To use lemongrass oil, try it as night time massage oil. You will need 2 ounce of amber glass dropper bottle, pour grape seed oil and five drops of lemon essential oil. Shake and place few drops. Use it as massage oil and apply it gently to varicose veins and it will stimulate the blood flow.