What Type Of Coconut Oil For Hair

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Best coconut oil for hair growth come with many options that may make you getting confused to decide the right option. It is because there are several types of coconut oil you can find in the market. Therefore, it is always recommended to understand about what you need and the benefit of the various products give different result.

The Types of Coconut Oil

Basically, there are three types of coconut oil based on how to make it:

1. Pure coconut oil/ virgin coconut oil (VCO)

This type of coconut oil doesn’t get any hydrogenation process. The hydrogenation, the extraction of the oil is done by cold process such as centrifugation, fermentation, warming under control as well as drying quickly grated coconut.

2. Traditional coconut oil

The second type is made in traditional method that is commonly done by coconut housewife or farmers. It means they have to cook the coconut milk so that the oil is separated from the caramel. Commonly, it gives yellow oil until getting browned since it is contaminated with the caramel burnt.

3. Industry coconut oil

The company will make the oil with the use of raw materials copra for its refining process, bleaching and then deodorizing. The copra will be pressed, cleaned, bleached and then eliminated for its smell. The coconut oil through this process will be sold for cooking and commonly is mixed with other vegetable oil. It is no surprise that this type of coconut oil is quite cheap.

So, among those options, which one is the best coconut oil for hair growth?

The best choice for your hair growth is the pure coconut oil or also known as virgin coconut oil. In many countries, the type of the coconut oil gives a lot of benefits. It is used for hair health and skin health too.

Why virgin coconut oil is good for hair growth?

It is because it gives something different from the refined traditional coconut oil. Traditional coconut oil is recommended for frying food, but the pure coconut oil has raw material for hair care products. It contains original and natural substances that will give benefits once it is being absorbed by the roots of your hair.

How to use coconut oil for hair?

Using coconut oil for hair is very simple and easy. What you have to do first is to warm the coconut oil. After that, you can apply it evenly to all parts of your hair. Be sure that you massage your hair slowly and allow it for a night. You can wash your hair from the oil in the morning by using shampoo. Even it is possible for you to add other ingredients to get more benefits.

Where to buy coconut oil for hair?

It is easy to find coconut oil for your hair. Best coconut oil for hair growth can be found even at online store with other herbal products. Or, you can find it in grocery store. It is good for you to do hair treatment by using coconut oil raw material because it beautifies your hair naturally.